Aqua Blox
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Aqua Blox is far superior to bottled water for
emergency storage and here's why:
Aqua Blox was designed a s multi functional emergency
water product for first responders.
Bottled water was designed as a consumer beverage for
retail application.

Aqua Blox has a 5 year shelf-life, tested and approved
by the US Coast Guard.
Bottled Water has a maximum 2 year
shelf-life and will experience 'package
migration" making the contents taste
like the plastic bottle when stored.

Aqua Blox is packaged using Ultra
(UHT), yielding commercially sterile
water suitable for hydration, wound
cleansing, or as an eyewash.
Bottled water 's content s and
packaging are not sterilized when packaged.

Aqua Blox is packaged in specifically designed aseptic,
multi-layer, corrosion-resistant material and is
hermetically sealed without light or air contact, ensuring
extended product quality and long term storage.
Bottled Water was designed for appeal and immediate
consumption, not for long term storage.

Aqua Blox can be frozen and used as an ice pack for
first aid or freezer packs to preserve perishable food
during power outages and serves essential hydration
needs when thawed.
Bottled Water expands, splits and leaks when frozen.

*Due to the high cost of shipping water,
no water will be shipped outside of Southern CA., or
without special consideration
Aqua Blox
3 pack*
$  1.75
Case of 27*
$ 15.95
Aqua Blox are the best
way to store water for
any emergency kit.
Small, sturdy, and
sterile these are a must
have for any kit!