A good nights sleep is important if you are camping in the wilderness or
having guests over for the holidays. We offer several options and at
several price points.
Space Saver Cot  SH11
This 6.25 foot long cot has 40% more surface space than standard
cots. Made from thick-walled aluminum and heavy duty Dacron.
Comes with carry bag.

Weight 6 lbs   
Size 45'' x 31'' x 8'' Comfortable and space saving, this folding bed is
perfect for when guest drop by.

Weight 22 lbs

Comfortable, easy to use G.I. style cot that folds up for compact
storage. Frame made of rugged, thick-walled square tube aluminum.
Extra long so your feet won't hang off the end. Long lasting heavy
weight Dacron cover. Dacron carry bag with color insert.

Weight 14 lb
s    $74.95
Air Mattress (Twin Size)  SH11C
The ultimate travel bed. Take this on the road in your tent, or van, or
material. Coil beam waffle construction with soft velour surface for
comfort. Self locking safety valve & quick release valve which also can
be used for inflation with vacuum cleaner (adapter included).
Electronically welded seams. Repair kit included.
Weight 7 lbs    
Foot pump for Air matress

Weight 3 lbs