Search & Rescue
On Duty Gas & Water Shut
Off Tool
Emergency Tools
1 Person S&R Kit
$   48.95
On Duty Shut off Tool
$   11.95
HD Knee Pads
$     4.95
4 Person DLX Kit
$  167.95
"Professional" Kit
$  398.95
Designed and tested by
firefighters! Shuts off
gas and water valves,
breaks windows, digs
through debris and
pries open doors, and
can open 55 Gallon
Drums! This lightweight,
yet tough tool is made
of a heat treated alloy
that won't spark or
rust. A true MUST HAVE!
Designed for a family / volunteer unit in mind, this kit has
the basics for light search and rescue. When lives are at
stake, it's up to you to be in control and take action.  Kit
is Packaged in a Carry Anywhere Duffel Bag.

This kit Includes:
Gloves, 4 12 Hour Light Sticks, 6 High Intensity Light 2
Flashlights, 1 Solar Radio & Light, 2 Pair "Code Red"
Batteries, 50 yd. Roll Duct Tape, 6 Piece Screwdriver Set
2000 lb. Test Steel Pulley, 300' Roll "Caution" Tape
8' x 10' Tarp, 4 Eye Goggles, Saw, 24" Pry Bar, Vise Grip,
Utility Knife, Folding Shovel, 4 Whistles, 50' Nylon Cord
Pliers, 4 Hard Hats
it's up to you to be in control and take action.
Safety Vest - Dust Mask - Whistle - Flashlight
Pair Alkaline Batteries - Roll 300' "Caution" Tape
Pry Bar - 4 Piece Screwdriver Set - 12 Pc.
Trauma Bandage Kit - Grease Pen  - Triage
Tags(2) - Chalk
Pair Safety Goggles.

The Entire Kit is Packaged in a High-Visibility,
Rugged Backpack.
- HD Knee Pads -
If you ever have to crawl
appreciate having these.
If you ever have to crawl
Velcro fasteners and
plastic through a house
you'll caps make these
heavy duty, one-size fit
most a great addition to
any kit.
4 Person Deluxe Search
& Rescue Bag
4 Person "Professional"
Wrecking Flathead Shovel
Blankets  AM/FM Solar Radio, 50" Rolls Duct
Tape (2), Nylon Tool Bag, Solar Blankets (5),
16' x 24' Tarp, 12 Dust Masks (8), Lumber
Crayons (2), Waterproof Matches (2) Slow
Burning Candles )15), "Caution" Tape (2 Rolls),
3-Way Can Opener (2), Water Purification
Emergency Hand Tools: Pipe Wrench, Claw
Hammer, Short Handle Axe, Survival Knife Kit,
Jab Saw, 10 " Adjustable Wrench, 5 Piece Plier
Set, 6 Piece Screwdriver Set, Short Sledge
Hammer, Gas & Water Shut Off Tool,
Entire Kit is Packaged in a 45 Gallon Container
on Wheels