Made for just about any emergency the road can throw at you. All kits
are held in a durable nylon carry bag or a sturdy back pack. A great
addition to any car, truck, or van. A must have for any new driver.
Economy Road Warrior (AA06) 16 pieces
Kit contains: 30 Minute High-Intensity Light Stick, Tow Rope,
Jumper Cables, Flashlight w/Batteries, Solar Blanket, Waterproof
Poncho, Drinking Water, Leather Gloves, Whistle, Duct Tape, Utility
Knife, Emergency Instructions and Help Sign, Wet Naps, Reflecting

Weight 8 lbs    
Top of the line for jump starting an automobile. 400 Instant
Starting Amps & Instantaneous Burst of Additional Voltage for
weeks. LED indicator shows status level of charge. Flexible Light
provides easy operations at night for any automobile emergency.
Light will also operate 11 days non-stop.
Weight 9.7 lbs    
HD Jumper Cables AA55HD
12' - Heavy Duty 6 gauge
jumper cables. Comes with
carry case. Perfect for those
hard to start situations.
Weight 4 lbs     
Jumper Cables AA55
Automobile battery jumper
cables.  It's a good idea to
keep a set of jumper cables
in your car at all times.
Weight 2.5 lbs    
Roadside Emergency Kit (AA09) 15 pieces
This basic kit is must have for any driver.
Kit Includes: 8' Jumper Cables, Flashlight with 2 D Size Batteries,
Fuse Tester, Tire Pressure Gauge, Screwdriver, Needle Nosed Pliers,  
Utility Knife - 6 piece Screwdriver Bit Set - Electrical Tape, Rain Coat,
Pair of Gloves, 10 pack of Cable Ties.

Weight 3.25 lbs   
Urban Road Warrior (AA01) 21 pieces
Kit contains: Heavy Duty backpack, 30 Min High-Intensity Light
Stick, Tow Rope, Auto Light, Jumper Cables, First Aid Kit, Flashlight
w/Batteries, Fire Extinguisher, Solar Blanket, Rain Poncho, Swiss
Style Army Knife, Flat Fixer, Drinking Water, Leather Gloves ,
Whistle, Duct Tape, Utility Knife, Emergency Instructions and Help
Sign, Wet Naps, Reflecting Triangle, Distress Banner.
Weight 11 lbs.    
Road Warrior Deluxe (AA10DLX) Cold Weather
Kit Contains: Reflecting Triangle, Folding Shovel, Jumper Cables,
Revolving Sign Light, Flat Fixer, Tow Rope, 54 Pc First Aid Kit,
High Vis. Yellow Highway Blanket, Safety Vest, Distress Banner, Utility
Knife, 14 n 1 Pocket Tool, HD Work Gloves, Duct Tape, Ice Scraper,
Flashlight w/Batteries, Body Warmer, Solar Blanket, Poncho, 10”
Adjustable Wrench, 6 n 1 Screwdriver, 2/12 Hr Light Sticks, Pair of
Hand Warmers, Weight 17 lbs.  
Plug 2 Go AA829
The best car-to-car charging
system. Plug one end to your
car lighter and plug the one
into the other cars lighter.
Weight 2.5 lbs    
400 Watt Inverter AA58
Converts 12 DC/110 AC
Surge output for starting
drill, stereo, computer, work
light etc. Voltage Protection.
Weight 2.5 lbs    
Pro Escape Tool AA18-200
Carry the same tool window
punch, Safety whistle, LED
Weight .25 lbs     
Weight 2.0 OZ    $14.25